Friday, September 19, 2014

September has returned with welcome volatility

After what has been a shockingly sludgy market, September has seen volatility expansion to the Forex markets with a bang.

Here are the pip totals so far with 2 weeks of trading said and done.

EUR/USD no trades
GBP/USD +212
AUD/USD +114
EUR/JPY +171
GBP/JPY +198
XAU/USD +231
OIL +272

Most gains were primarily set up on Tuesday the 16th, which was a FED speaking day. It's encouraging to see that the FED announcements are once again causing markets to move.

*Please note, all trades are taken off the meantrades hourly system applying a daily supertrend filter to determine which trades to exclude and which trades to take.

**No position sizing modifications were made for these pip totals. If one were to consider position sizing modification, the first trade after the daily supertrend filter would be a full sized position while each additional trade taken in the same direction as the established daily supertrend would be a half size position. This is necessary in a low volatility environment where waiting for the supertrend cross to exit would create extremely small gains as the price behavior in such an environment, contrary to expectations, does not trend well at all. It is in the truest sense of the word, a mean reverting environment.

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