Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forex System Development Consulting

I now offer consulting for those who are finally at the systems development phase of their trading journey. Most are looking for a good system which is just the entry phase of becoming a trader.

The next phase requires that you adapt what you have learned until that point into a personalized version of how you see the markets trading.

It took me a good 5 years into my trading development before I began to realize this massive difference.

All the great books on trading will tell you the same thing. One of the Market Wizards is famous for saying that he could give his exact profitable system to 10 people and some of them would still lose money.

With this in mind, I offer my 12 plus years experience in Forex and Futures trading to those who are ready to  take the next step.

If your system is viable, I can even code it for you in EA format.

I will watch you trade and give important technical and psychological feedback every step of the way. I enjoy the path which trading allows one to discover about themselves and I would like very much to help you as well.

You can always contact me on skype at mezameo for more details.

Happy trading

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