Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Volatility Pivot

A chat friend, someone I have never met, and to be honest, had even forgotten we spoke before, asked me about minibahn's method which employed the volatility pivot. I had looked at this indicator before brushing it aside as it didn't fit into my vision of how markets move in symetrical patterns. But a second look has proven me wrong once again. What it provides is a bias, which in my current method, is missing. This greatly reduces the amount of eligible trades but it also allows me to buy support and sell resistance at the earliest possible time.

I was experimenting with momentum based entries and although they tend to be very robust over a full set of trades, they have me in the market most of the time. Not to mention I never know when the market will turn.

I will post for a while with this new volatility pivot and see if it adds any beneficial element to my method.

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