Friday, July 31, 2009

Trader Test

These are becoming very popular formulaic pop tests but they, just like astrology tests, reveal nuggets of truth.

I came out as an Independent Trader.

Trading Strengths

  1. You can quickly determine if a new style of trading or system will fit well with your personality.
  2. You can rapidly evaluate when something is working for you.
  3. You like the challenge of sorting out market conditions and like the intellectual stimulation of developing and planning low risk trading ideas.

Trading Challenges

  1. Your trading could dominate your time and you could become socially isolated, which in turn could upset others, particularly if you have a spouse.
  2. You may reject or abandon workable systems if the logic isn't clear; because you don't understand the systems boundaries ahead of time.
  3. You are a human being not an android, and you do have emotions. You just don't pay that much attention to them.
What was particularly interesting was the Strengths and Challenges. The one I am most surprised about is the isolation remark and how it can affect my social life. I find, the more I trade, the less time I spend with others unrelated to my trading. I have to "take the needle out of my arm" as Joe DiNapoli once said about the addictive nature of trading. I have tried various approaches, swing trading, auto trading. Nothing seems to keep me away from the markets, in profit and in loss, I am a true market addict.

See for yourself, where do you fit into the trader personality matrix?

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