Friday, July 31, 2009

GU long +++ GJ short --- UC long +

This little swing trade attempt turned out to be slightly positive but only by a hair. I will keep holding these 3 pairs and see if the relation between GU and GJ can come back to equilibrium. If you take a look at the relative price spread, you can see there is a massive spike in GU and a very tight range in GJ the past two days. When these two come back in line, it ought to happen at lower prices which will yield a modest profit on GJ, with a 200+ pip buffer on GU, I will hold off on booking profits. See chart for my target measures.

For UC we are in a low momentum downwards trend, we have yet to see trend exhaustion and all upper challenges to the VP have been met with sellers. 1.07 is up next. Let's see if we get there.

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