Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Too many trades, more than enough profits

've been trading gbp/jpy with efx now for a while however I still keep a
record of my trades on the whc demo account. I am a real sucker for the
mt4 platform. So simple, and free. It's hard to complain about its
limitations when the bottom line is a huge savings.

Today I made far too many trades in the Asian session. Had I started in
the European session, my profits would have been in excess of 250 pips.
Instead I am hapy to walk away with about 100 for the day. I am really
starting to groove with my current setup. The primary umportance of any
trade always seems to come back to how it behaves on the support and
resistance lines. First bouncing into and then repelling from. Once the
Heiken Ashi candles signal a short term reversal I can then enter knowing
that if the market reverses again, I have my stops in place to keep my
bank roll for another trade.

Finally, liberation from my darker trading emotions have come under

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