Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mentoring a newbie and trading your own account

Today's Ny trade was rather aimless. Had two semi decent swings and then
we seemed to faded into meandering trade.

I am a bit reluctant to take on my current role as a mentor. Considering I
am just a newbie in my own right. Sure, more than 5 years in the markets
but I'm certainly not rich yet. I am still learning to handle my emotions
and staying under leveraged. Sure I know the basics of short-term trading
and I understand the emotions as well as the math involved to being
considered an expert. However I suppose I am a bit of a self-neurotic
half-been (no, not a hasbeen, I'm still on my way towards success). My
main concern is that it distracts me from being my own boss and taking my
account to a new level. I have to lay down the ground rules about
questioning the method while in trades. I think that will help

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