Sunday, November 25, 2007

Attempt to work normal hours

Living in Vietnam is a great advantage to those in the us when it comes to forex trading as my afternoon is the most active session to trade--Europes morning is my afternoon. But when it comes to trading the US session its a test of endurance. With the new daylight savings shift I am not done until 4 am. I am a zombie most nights for the second US session and I am often missing my trades and fading strong trends.

I've taken a long hard look at Europe and German markets look the most volatile, perhaps even more so than US markets. I will be trading the Bund and the Dax futures for a while now. The drawdowns on my signals for the Dax are a little expensive but the returns are more than the comprable volatility conditions in the US. The Bund is comprable to the 10 year in the US and will be where I take most of my trades as its range is much smaller and trades alot slower. If I'm wrong I will lose less and if I'm right I will still take home a nice profit.  Here are the trades from Friday.


Funny name for an incredibly simple concept. The high and low of the previous day are considered value areas to fade, the day before yesterdays highs and lows are the "s" in hops and lops.

Take a look here for a more thorough explanation.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Point of Control

The past few weeks have been an incredibly creative, and perhaps rewarding, for my trading vision. I demoed a great deal of real world software and stumbled upon the very envogue market profile short term trading methods employed by a vast majority of on-line futures traders. I shopped around and found that no one was offering this way of seeing for less than 50 usd per month. So I went back to the coding caverns of MT4 and found an approximation(a very myopic but functional one!) of the method and settled on a free compromise. Thank god for Russian coding forums!

The indicator, unlike the real deal, only gives indication of the most basic of Market Profile indications daily, but its enough to enhance the accuracy of my mean reversion system. The results have been outstanding the past few days. I will post some trades today and show you what I have been seeing.

"market profile" for MT4