Sunday, November 25, 2007

Attempt to work normal hours

Living in Vietnam is a great advantage to those in the us when it comes to forex trading as my afternoon is the most active session to trade--Europes morning is my afternoon. But when it comes to trading the US session its a test of endurance. With the new daylight savings shift I am not done until 4 am. I am a zombie most nights for the second US session and I am often missing my trades and fading strong trends.

I've taken a long hard look at Europe and German markets look the most volatile, perhaps even more so than US markets. I will be trading the Bund and the Dax futures for a while now. The drawdowns on my signals for the Dax are a little expensive but the returns are more than the comprable volatility conditions in the US. The Bund is comprable to the 10 year in the US and will be where I take most of my trades as its range is much smaller and trades alot slower. If I'm wrong I will lose less and if I'm right I will still take home a nice profit.  Here are the trades from Friday.

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