Friday, November 23, 2007

Point of Control

The past few weeks have been an incredibly creative, and perhaps rewarding, for my trading vision. I demoed a great deal of real world software and stumbled upon the very envogue market profile short term trading methods employed by a vast majority of on-line futures traders. I shopped around and found that no one was offering this way of seeing for less than 50 usd per month. So I went back to the coding caverns of MT4 and found an approximation(a very myopic but functional one!) of the method and settled on a free compromise. Thank god for Russian coding forums!

The indicator, unlike the real deal, only gives indication of the most basic of Market Profile indications daily, but its enough to enhance the accuracy of my mean reversion system. The results have been outstanding the past few days. I will post some trades today and show you what I have been seeing.

"market profile" for MT4

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