Thursday, October 13, 2011


It might be a little late in the year for a book review on seasonal trading but I'm pretty excited to have discovered this.

Did you know there is an entire field of forex market research entirely devoted to finding historical dates where prices moved in binary patterns of either a bullish or bearish fashion? I was pretty startled to discover these patterns were often 100% historically accurate.

Talk about an edge.

The problem is this year in the forex markets it has failed MISERABLY. It has been so consistently wrong that I think there is an options strategy hidden within. Create a covered call to collect the interest paid by the +swap and walk away with a huge gain in the option you sold.

You can take a look at the historical accuracy of the system in the book faithfully published by Jeffrey Hirsch and family for god knows how many years. Historically speaking, the theory has considerable merit but this year would have been a blood bath.

This years edition could go down in history as one of the best arguments for black swan trading ever.

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