Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meantrades with Pivot Farm levels

Did a full year backtest today and found some decent results. Have not done a head to head analysis with the meantrade orb setup yet but I am certain that with the pivotfarm levels I am trading almost twice as many times. That might be good if the market is volatile but when its trending that will surely create some deep drawdowns.

The results came in as follows for the EUR/USD:

August 2010 +482
October 2010 -38
November 2010 +1027!! (I checked it 3 times, couldn't believe it)
December 2010 +398
January 2011 -418
February 2011 +220
March 2011 -202
April 2011 +500
May 2011 +500
June 2011 +450
July 2011  +456

So the average pip total for EURUSD over the past 12 months is 306.8 pips. if anyone has a system trading a single currency with a higher monthly average, please let me know. I think this is the most robust trading incarnation of meantrades yet.


Unknown said...


Mike Bishop here. I would be very interested in learning this system - perhaps we could automate it, with myself picking up programming costs.

Please email me at


Mike Bishop

Peglegtrading said...

Hi Mike,

Are you already trading with pivotfarm levels?