Sunday, March 20, 2011

back in the quick

I was thumbing through the charts recently and discovered not only is my method still as robust as ever, it even seems to out perform more popular methods out there. Market profile traders, VSA traders, they all have their days but Meantrades seems to consistently give more bigtrades than most other systems going. Here are the results from last weeks trading.

Huge two day uptrend on the Euro which we got nailed in the crosswinds. However the GBP was able to catch a ride upstream and looking very nice indeed prior to Fridays trade.

If anyone knows about programming EAs, I would like to collaborate by trying to automate this strategy. I think the auto pilot might have trouble if exiting on the first touch of the keltner. However if using a scale out approach I can see some huge gains possible. I have discussed this in years past and have seen very positive results. I however have not been able to hold on to live positions long enough to benefit. An auto trade bot would not have the same difficulties I imagine. Perhaps another program would be more accessible for constant range bar trading as it is my understanding Ea's do not operate consistently with offline mode charts and the constant range bars require offline in Metatrader.

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