Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calculating last weeks results

Using the adjusted probability bands, the results on the Euro and the GBP/JPY crosses are very encouraging. 

April 20th:      London            New York
Euro:                Break Even     Break Even
GBPJPY:          No Trade             -40

April 21st:       London    New York
Euro:                   +47                     +96
GBPJPY:            +161              No Trades

April 22nd:      London            New York
Euro:                    +24                     +85
GBPJPY:             +30                     +192

April 23rd:       London            New York
Euro:                    +14                      -115
GBPJPY              +47                       +28

April 24th:       London             New York
Euro:                     +46                     +34
GBPJPY:              +51                     +125

Total:                London             New York          Combined
Euro:                    +131                   +100                 +231
GBPJPY:             +289                   +305                 +594

Please note these are very conservative exits. On almost every trade if you had trailed the position with a moving average or even a simple trendline you would have yielded much greater returns.

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