Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rather than fall into the egotistical trap of holding an outdated and simplistic expression as the lock to a potentially profitable and rewarding experience, I am going to write a manual how to trade for the local investors in Vietnam. (I'm referring to the notion, those who can DO and those who can't teach.) As a foreigner and a fluent English speaker there are vast resources available for free on the web that I can absorb easily and efficiently. Whereas many Vietnamese without either investing experience or fluent English skills cannot absorb things so easily. So, a guide is in order.

Why not just recommend a great book like Trader Vic or Market Wizards? Still, the same problem, language.

I will cull the best bits of wisdom and methods I have used to trade successfully and not so successfully.

Sure I'm not a millionaire trader yet and I still suffer severe draw downs for purely disciplinary reasons--my systems are solid I am confident in this finally after years of tinkering. I am sure I can be an asset to the people around me everyday. Not to mention I could create quite a niche market for myself. Perhaps even set up an IB for a forex broker and share in on my students potential success.

So I will be blogging more general about methods and trading ideas than in the past. I will start tomorrow with a general outline of what needs to be presented.

This ought to make me a better trader, or at least a more clear headed one. I would like to think of myself as on the cusp of financial Independence through trading. As a lifetime student of the trading markets, I think becoming a teacher of trading can be the first big step to a maturing process.


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henno said...

looking forward to it...