Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mini nikkei

Because I am based in South East Asia I am always at the mercy of time when it comes to finding the best market to trade. Now that I am more and more an early riser staying up through the night to trade is becoming more and more prohibitive. I'm watching the whctrader mini nikkei feed and forward testing mean reversion to see if its a viable market for me. I checked the margins and the comissions here and its an awful lot like trading mini dow futures. Only instead of starting work at 9 pm I'm in the market at 7am--a much healthier and sane time to trade. The only difference is I won't have a chat community like I do now on irc. Will have to seek out some other traders in SEA who trade the Nikkei futures...let me hear from you if you are already trading this shft!

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