Friday, October 26, 2007

stick with it

Today I want to keep my eyes away from the futures markets, they were simply ugly yesterday, turning just a sweet signal was setting up. Today I will focus only on GBPJPY. There have been 2 trades thus far on GBPJPY, both on the short side. However the keltners are trending upwards.

I have taken a free trial over at ensign and have used the template which originally inspired me to port the system over to mt4. You can take a look and see the difference between a tick based chart and a time based one, its much smoother. I am seriously debating whether or not to sign up for ensign and trade off of these charts instead. The only problem I have at this point is how to get a better method of judging support and resistance, I have grown accustomed to the murrey math levels now and would like to continue to use them but its a bit cumbersome to have to look back on the mt4 charts every 5 minutes when there is a big move.


mezameo said...

minimum downside predicted at 234.80 via the lower keltner band

mezameo said...

looks like strength in the JPY across the board