Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Bounce for Crude in store

I'm not going to stick around on this signal too long. The market is in a clear downtrend on CL. But certainly there is a healthy bounce in store after Monday's opening collapse. Try and buy near 61.66 and take some quick profits above 63.

I have't been updating my trade results as much as I should. The fact is, these trades are low maintenance. Once I enter them, I don't go back and watch the mkt too much. that's what I like about my system. But nevertheless it would be more relevant to keep a running total of the results. After all, this is about making money, and keeping a record of the results.


Mark said...

do you mind commenting on what broker you use? Can MB Trading be integrated with MT4?

mezameo said...

I use 3 brokers. northfinance, whc and oanda.