Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New way to plot charts

I have gone ahead and made what I see as a very reasonable investment. I have bought constant range bars for the metatrader platform.

You can see the difference in today's charts. So much smoother it is incredible.

Cover GU +++

As is usual of late, covering too soon has lead to amazing pips left on the table. Today was once again, no exception....

Short GU

Counter trend trade. Still a few hours before New York so volume should be weak either way.

Exit EU ++

Range held nicely. Will seek a buy later on if I can...

Buy EU

Tentative long, let's see what happens...

Exit GU +17

Little late on the post but the exit was clear.

exit GU+++

Yesterday was characterised by fear. I exited my GU long way too early, took only about 15 pips when the bands were telling me there were at least 35 available, and without too much back filling. As you can see from today's Asian open GU has taken off like a rocket. There was even a sweet buy signal so far, too early to trade though, need at least a few hours of sleep to prevent more poor decision making.

Long GU Second trade today

Short was tough so now we go long. Just playing the bands on this one, don't expect to see new highs today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Still waiting for break even on GU. Forgot to adjust the pivots for the new york open and realized there was a nice sell available, so I am currently close to break even on GU, exited +54 on GJ

Short GJ

Well GU has blasted off and has yet to retrace to take us out with a loss, GJ has also traded higher we are at second resistance for the day, willing to risk  the upside here as there is very little room left in the upper range.

Short GU

Missed the earthquake trade last night on the EU. Man, was that a sweet trade.

Will give this opening trade a shot and see how it goes....

Monday, April 27, 2009

EU Short +21

Good way to start the week.

Short EU

Monday morning here in Saigon, Euro is playing her favorite tune. Short in to the bounce.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calculating last weeks results

Using the adjusted probability bands, the results on the Euro and the GBP/JPY crosses are very encouraging. 

April 20th:      London            New York
Euro:                Break Even     Break Even
GBPJPY:          No Trade             -40

April 21st:       London    New York
Euro:                   +47                     +96
GBPJPY:            +161              No Trades

April 22nd:      London            New York
Euro:                    +24                     +85
GBPJPY:             +30                     +192

April 23rd:       London            New York
Euro:                    +14                      -115
GBPJPY              +47                       +28

April 24th:       London             New York
Euro:                     +46                     +34
GBPJPY:              +51                     +125

Total:                London             New York          Combined
Euro:                    +131                   +100                 +231
GBPJPY:             +289                   +305                 +594

Please note these are very conservative exits. On almost every trade if you had trailed the position with a moving average or even a simple trendline you would have yielded much greater returns.

Adjusting the bands for the open

Today I adjusted the probability bands to be more responsive by resetting them for each market open. 

For each major open (New York and London), the bands were adjusted. 

Here are the improved results.

Will show New York first.